Information about Nicaragua - a Central American Country know for its dramatic terrain of lakes, volcanoes, the Pacific Ocean/ Caribbean Sea beaches. -

Museums And Heritage



Centro de Arte Fundación Ortiz-Gurdián. It is one of the art museums Probably the finest museum of contemporary art in all of Central America, the Ortiz-Gurdián Collection has spilled over from its original home in Casa Don Norberto Ramírez,which was refurbished in 2000 to its original Creole Civil style, with Arabic tiles and impressive flagstones.

National Museum of Nicaragua This National Palace is one of the most impressive buildings in Nicaragua. It was built by President Juan Bautista Sacasa in 1935 and it houses lots of history. For more than 50 years, the National Palace was used as governmental office.

ANTIGUO CONVENTO SAN FRANCISCO  is currently a museum housing many of Nicaragua’s pre-Columbian statues from Zapatera Island as well as some contemporary art. It was originally built by the Franciscan monks in 1529 until it was destroyed 150 years later by Henry Morgan. Since then it has been destroyed and rebuilt a few times and has been used by the military as well as for a University prior to becoming a national museum.

MUSEUM OF THE REVOLUTION This impressive museum is housed in a building that was used by the Somoza government before the revolution. It became a focus for the revolutionaries, and today houses exhibits about the fighters and their struggle.

SANDINO MUSEUM Visit the town of Niquinohomo near Granada to learn about the life and times of the revolutionary leader Augusto Cesar Sandino, who lent his name to the Sandinista group. It’s worth stopping off here on your way from Granada to Managua.

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HUELLAS DE ACAHUALINCA Museum This archaeological site is home to fossilized tracks left by humans and animals around 6,000 years ago. In addition to the tracks themselves there is also a good museum with human skulls, a fossilized bison print and pieces of ceramics.


Museum-of-Traditions-and-Legends This former prison sits just outside the centre of the city, and is now home to a museum that tells the story of Nicaraguan folk traditions. Since 1993, founder Doña Carmen Toruño has put together exhibits that combine the human rights abuses committed at the prison with the traditions of the country.

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